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Eat that Mr. Siokien Ng of [email protected] Hope the spam bots pick up your e-mail and spam you to death.

I have been an ardent supporter of Dell in the past with all our company purchases going through Dell. Their support has been usually top notch and perhaps the best thing is that I can fully see the prices and customization options from the comfort of my own home. Compare this to HP or Acer’s site and it’s easy to see how easy it is to order on Dell’s site as compared to even figuring out prices on Acer/HP.

On the 22nd February, in an impulsive moment, I bought myself an Alienware M11X netbook. I picked the Maybank 0% 12 month installment option and was given a Dell acknowledgment e-mail. I waited, and waited and the online tracking system kept on showing the status as ‘Order Received’ with no updates as to when I would receive my item. In fact up till t0day which is the 3rd March, it still shows ‘Order Received’.

Trying to e-mail their customer support was an exercise in futility with 4 e-mails sent and only one replied JUST today telling me that they require my Order #IRN…when I have provided them my Order Number already though I assume IRN means ‘Internet Reference Number’. I figured it out but seriously, do you expect your average customer to do so?

Dear Reuben,

Thank you for contacting Dell Customer Service.

Kindly advice us with your order#/IRN# to further assist you.

Thank you.
Dell Customer Service

Very ‘helpful’.

I also had tried to call 4-5 x and was put on hold for more than 20 minutes before I gave up.

I finally managed to talk to a customer representative today. I almost thought I was speaking to a robot as she spoke in a monotone and very slowly. I suppose this is part of their training in ensuring she’s heard. I was told that the order was actually already in the factory and that if I wished to cancel, I would have to pay RM80.00 as a cancellation charge. I asked as to why there was such a delay in answering calls and e-mails. She honestly told me that Dell was facing a parts shortage and as a result many customers were calling for a status update…Good to know! I was told that my netbook was now expected to arrive late next week making it a wait of more than 3 weeks.

So if you’re buying a Dell now, just take note that you may have to wait a while for it.

Here’s hoping that my frickin netbook is decent at least: